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Queens of the Night - Werewolf Postcard MULTI DESIGN SET of 4

Queens of the Night - Werewolf Postcard MULTI DESIGN SET of 4

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SET OF 4, includes 2 of each design.

 Printed on matte paper, doubled sided with room for postage, address and hand written message!


Includes 2 of each design:

"QueenS of the Night":

Two Werewolves on a crescent moon, with stars an silver bullets hanging from the moon. Each have a Queen of the Night flower - the flower that blooms in the moonlight.
Silver bullets can kill a werewolf, so why have them hang in this design?
They’re symbolic of the danger to be who you are, the danger of hate hanging behind you... it’s there, it looms..... yet, we don’t care. Shine bright, be just who you are - just like the moon.

"Queen of the Night":

A lady werewolf and a werewolf man are gazing at each other on the crescent moons. Each holding a moon flower- called Queen of the Night.
Here, in the moonlight, they can be themselves. It doesn’t have to be a full moon for them to show who they are.

They measure 4"x6" and come in a packs of 4 or you can order a 4 pack set of a single design- See our other listings for that, and for this art on Tees, Sweatshirts, Tote Bags,Enamel Pins and more!

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