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Abalone Bat Brooch

Abalone Bat Brooch

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This gorgeous Bat brooch has beautiful abalone shell wings, a brooch pin and hook closure on the back and has incredible symbolic meaning. See below for more info!

Piece details:
Made with Antiqued sliver plated brass findings.

Is approx. 2 1/2 inches wide


When combining the Abalone Shell with an animal as symbolic and powerful as a Bat - you get double the energy healing qualities.

Together, they help you leave an old chapter behind in your life and prepare you for the next one.

Read below for more in depth descriptions about each of these fascinating creatures: 

Abalone Shell:

The Abalone shell represents strength, and protection. Which is no surprise because the shell itself is a shield like protective armor to the living creature that once inhabited the inside of this beautiful shell.

The Abalone shell can protect you as your enter the next phase of your life, it symbolizes the shift and growth in your journey.

The Abalone shell also has properties of communication and expression, tranquility and peace of mind.

The Bat:

The Bat, also known as the Guardians of the Night - symbolizes death and rebirth.

They represent psychic messages, guides in the dark and an aide to navigating dark uncharted territories.

Longevity, balance, good fortune, communication and evolution.

When a bat enters your life, it’s usually a sign that something is dying and it is time to let it go. This could be a chapter or phase in your life that you are now done with, and it’s time to clear space for the new chapter.

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