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Sweet Siren Designs

Valentine's Spider Web - Postcard Card

Valentine's Spider Web - Postcard Card

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 A vintage inspired postcard with a heart shaped spider web, red roses and brown spiders with hearts.

(Read below for a deeper meaning behind all of these icons)

Vintage inspired Sweet Siren art.

Sustainably sourced and printed in the USA.

5"x5" matte postcard -Full color printed on both sides - you are able to write on the back!

Does NOT come with an envelope.

Deeper Meaning behind this design:

*Roses* When 3 roses are paired together, they symbolize Love, Life & Light.

It’s commonly known that roses also symbolize immortal love - a union that never fades through time and even death. The red rose itself is also the symbol of immortal love, sacrifice, healthy and passion.

In Tarot, the rose means balance, new beginnings, promise, and hope. Their thorns represent protection.

 *Spiders* are also a symbol of balance, as they delicately balance between light and dark. They also represent patience, rebirth, strategy, protection, creation and fate.

 *Webs* Their webs represent interconnection, weaving your own destiny –and with the spiders patience, hard work and balance – they can catch their dreams and manifest their own reality.

 *Hearts* are also a symbol of love. They represent unity, sensuality, attraction, mirroring / reflection, compassion and joy.

*Combined* When the spider and its web are paired together with roses and hearts – these beautiful gifts from nature can be very powerful.

 Bringing the delicate balance together of love, protection, manifestation, attraction, reflection, interconnectivity and new beginnings.

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